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What Our Partners Have to Say

“When it comes to dealing with a situation such as placing an order, having designs done, trouble shooting a problem product, or needing help finding a product or install solution, Tackaberry and the staff are second to none. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.


Roland Brunet

- Brunet Heating and Cooling

I have dealt exclusively with Tackaberry from the inception of my business . Tackaberry has treated me very fairly and has offered consistent and exceptional levels of service and product support . I get what a need when I need it !  I recommend Tackaberry to everyone and anyone in residential and  commercial hvac business .



Jim Wagar 

- Wager Balancing Company

I partnered with Tackaberry as the  service and stock was second to no one . The people at Tackaberry know me and I know them all well . A great history and relationship has been built between people and business . Everything we need at one stop , hours of operation ensure they are available when I need them , and use of steel and cardboard disposal for my purchases saves on costs and time for me . The Training Center has been an excellent addition to Tackaberry and to my business . We are serviced quickly every time and enjoy our day to day visits to Tackaberry.


Tom Stinson

- T.H. Stinson

Tackaberry sets the bar pretty high! I worry your competitors necks are sore from continually looking up!

What can I say... Tack is the best!

Vinnie is always there when you need him, Chris is probably the best transporter of product we have ever seen & the two Mark's are great to deal with. My thanks to Mr. Spies and his entire team for helping Campbell Contracting here in Arnprior get out of the gate with total comfort!

Russ Campbell



- Campbell Contracting

Tackaberry has proven to be a remarkable TEAM who's associates consistently provide prompt, courteous and outstanding customer service. Thank you for standing out amongst your competition and making things right!


Barry Smith

- Smith Heating & Cooling

Tackaberry is a very honourable company to work with, they negotiate fairly and their honour agreements. Their expectations of their suppliers is very high, as is the service level they provide their customers. The entire team at Tackaberry,  works together and with their supplies to achieve common goals, whether it be sales targets, training or Industry growth.

Dave Shaw

Sales Manager

- E.S.Gallagher Sales Ltd.

I've been dealing with Tackaberry Heating & Refrigeration supplies for well over 16 years, and  their friendly and really knowledgeable staff have always been there to help me design or solve some of the heating and ventilation trades difficult situations.  They will go out of their way to make sure you have the right answer.  They offer a great training facility unlike I've seen elsewhere.  I'm certain the family oriented business will be around for many years to come. 

Looking forward to doing business with Tacks for a long time!


Mike Jeaurond

Glengarry Plumbing & Heating


- Glengarry Plumbing & Heating

Ed,   I would really like to thank you and your staff for going the extra

mile to assist our clients.  As a builder it is often difficult to

decribe or explain how certain products work or function. Your input

to my clients and quick response have been extremely helpful.  Again

 thank you for your effort. 


Sincerely; Ken Albertan

- Ken Albertan

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Tackaberry for a few years and they never seem to stop evolving with the way they adapt to what’s needed in today’s industry. They have a great sense for what is needed in today modern world. I have had the chance to experience this first hand with their State of the Art training center and conference room. I always look forward to see what they will do next to help the HVAC industry.

Keep up the great work and innovation.

Michael Lamoureux

Territory Manager White-Rodgers

Emerson Climate Technology

- Emerson Technologies- White Rodgers

As a leading provider of consumer finance, it's critical that anyone we partner with operate with uncompromising integrity.  I am confident that we have found such a partnership with Mike, Frances and the entire team at Tackaberry.  The commitment that Tackaberry has made with respect to understanding all aspects of our finance offering, and sharing that knowledge with their dealer network, is second to none amongst our partner base.  


Mike and his team have shown tremendous foresight in establishing a dedicated Tackaberry/Financeit program which ensures that all their dealers, regardless of size, have access to a class leading consumer finance solution.


Simply put, we could not be happier with both the Tackaberry relationship and the quality of the dealers they have brought with them.


Dave Murray - Sales Director

Financeit Canada Inc.

Financeit USA Inc.

- Financeit Canada

I have been using Tackaberry Heating & Refrigeration for 15 years while employed with heating & a/c companies around the Belleville area.

I have always been impressed with the operation of the Belleville branch. I can always depend on stocked shelves and a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

I have ventured into my own business and recently toured the training centre in Kingston. This has shown even more of Tackaberry's dedication and commitment to contractors.

Mike and the Tackaberry team have a great vision for the future of the HVAC/R industry.

I am looking forward to many successful years working together.


Paul Hawley 

- Paul Hawley Heating & Air Conditioning

The goal in any successful small business is to please and serve the client in a professional manner so that they continue to call you if they need something in the future. 

By always delivering on their promise to support their products, the Tackaberry Family has helped me to consistently grow my business and serve my clients . The Sales staff are always available, even Vinnie Late in the evening..    

This support structure can be found nowhere else in this industry! 

I am more than pleased with the level of service we receive at JC Heating & Cooling and plan to continue business with Tackaberry for as long as we are in business.


Joe Mellon

- JC Heating

Hi Mike, Marty and Company, Over the past 3 years it has been a pleasure to work with  the sales and service staff of Tackaberrys.

You have provided timely orders on stock items making it enjoyable to send Lifebreath customers to your doors. We at Airia Brands are happy to support your continued efforts to influence the ventilation market to purchase the Lifebreath products from you.

 The transition to Lifebreath was made easy through the use of the on site training rooms. Your service to HVAC dealers is second to no one.  


Many thanks.


Gerard O'Brien   Airia Brands        

Territory Manager  Eastern  and Northern Ontario

- Airia Brands- Lifebreath

Tackaberry continues to be one of our first stops when looking for any product concerning our heating and cooling product needs, the staff there are always willing to go the extra mile for us and if they don’t have something in stock, there is never an issue getting it in a timely manner.  All the guys are extremely personable and by far some of the best customer service I have ever experienced has come from Tacks. They deliver to us whenever needed, no matter how small the part. This is a huge plus and a time saver for us as well.


We would recommend Tackaberry to anyone and always look forward to doing business with them!

Thanks for all you guys do.

Gayle Wilcox

Martino HVAC Stirling Ltd.

- Martino HVAC

I have been dealing with Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies since 1987.   I have dealt with their Cornwall operation since the day it opened in March of 1994.

Working a service technician ordering small parts, then Purchasing and Inventory Controller for a large Heating Company ordering very large volumes of stock and Inventory. Tackaberry Heating has proven itself as a reliable, honest supplier with on time accurate deliveries which saves me costly downtime waiting for parts.

Dean Carson and the other sales/counter staff are very easy to deal with and always eager to help.

Now, as an owner of a Small HVAC business in my 4th year, I continue to receive great service and products. The Kingston Training Facility offers a great opportunity to learn about new products and stay current on safety/WHMIS Training. (and get a free lunch). 


Clark Perry


- Seasonal Plus Inc.

For over 25 years now our Company has dealt with Tackaberry Heating Supplies. It has always been a pleasure in all aspects of our interaction in the Heating and Cooling Industry. The staff of Tack’s has always been friendly, helpful and professional. Our only regret, is that they don’t play an even larger role in our business.

Thanks for all your support.

Larry & Gary Porter

- Porter's Refrigeration

As soon as we started dealing with Tackaberry, I could tell they were not your average wholesaler.  From day one, the entire team at Tackaberry has shown a genuine interest, and put real effort, in helping us grow our business.  Between helping us rebrand our company, to finding oddball parts needed by our customers, to holding our hand through finance deals with our customers, the Tack Team is there every step of the way!  Dealing with this team really is a no-brainer!

Remi Thivierge 

General Manger

- Allied Heating & Cooling

Tackaberry offers me excellent products and pricing . The staff are knowledgable and service is always fast and excellent . Locations and hours are very helpful to my business . Thanks for the continued service and support for me and my business !


Jason Murray

- The RiteTemp
Mike Thrower sending out a thank you for helping me start my new business.

Tacks have been very helpful to me and a pleasure to work with.  Keep up the good
work, all of you guys at the
Belleville location have been a plus for me to deal with.
Thanks again.
- Mike Thrower Heating & Cooling

All of us at Respicaire are very happy to have Tackaberry Supply as a supplier of our Indoor Air Quality products. Tackaberry Supply definitely sets themselves apart from the competition with their customer support and dedication to training. We particularly appreciate the education opportunities and the ongoing commitment & dedication to enhanced customer service.

We look forward to our business future and product growth with a supplier like Tackaberry.


John Hurley

TFI Company Inc


- Respicaire

With the diverse and complete product line, Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies has been a main source of product for us for more than 20 years.  They have been, and continue to be, a dependable supplier with fast, friendly and efficient Service.  During our dealings we have come to rely on their reliable delivery and good customer care.  Without hesitation I would recommend this company for all that they offer as a Supplier.


Isaac Koene.

Northumberland Gas.

- Northumberland Gas

“We have been dealing with family owned and operated Tackaberry Heating Supplies since 2008.


They have consistently dealt with us in a professional yet super friendly manner throughout our business relationship. They are always helpful and knowledgeable about their products when we call and their delivery service is the most reliable and efficient service that any business can have.


We are visited regularly by their sales manager Doug who answers all our enquiries and if he has to follow up with any information he always does by the next day. He gives us ideas and suggestions about growing our business and how the company can support that in any way. We receive ample product displays and information handouts whenever we need them.


When dealing with the accounting side of business they put you at ease.  


We highly recommend any business in this industry to try their products and enjoy the relationship that develops when dealing with Tackaberry which in turn gives you a great service to offer to your own customers.”


John & Susan Toiviainen

- Sprucedale Wood & Gas

Dear Mike and Ed,


I cannot tell you in mere words how helpful Tackaberry has been in the day to day operation of my business!   The help with extended warranty coverage, financing options for clients, the exceptional service and knowledgeable staff just to start.  Not to mention the moral support that I get from you.  I could not have done it without you, Thank you!


Brooks Gee

- Safe Air Solutions

I have nothing but praise to give the entire Tackaberry team on such an organized process.

From meeting you the first day, Tackaberry has literally taken all my worries away and have become my go to supplier.

When starting up a new business there is so many things to consider. Tackaberry's has been excellent in guiding us along the path. I would highly recommend you and I do today. Thanks again for all your efforts. 

Jamie Meisner

Comfortech & ServiceMaster of Lanark County

- Comfortech Home Comfort services

We have enjoyed a significant partnership with Tackaberry for over 15 years. Tackaberry have consistently displayed a strong commitment to the products we represent through dedication, hard work and loyalty. The winning combination of a phenomenal hydronic department, led by Tracy and Colin, along with an outstanding sales and support team, has made Tackaberry a leader in the hydronic market. We look forward to many more years of success with Tackaberry and are thankful for their continued support!

Hydronic Systems Canada Inc.

- Hydronic Systems Canada

With Tackaberry, I get knowledgeable responses from the counter staff, their experienced salespeople are able to provide answers to most all technical questions and the tin shop can be relied upon to make and deliver fittings on time and in accordance with my orders.

I often deal with plumbing wholesalers who have limited knowledge of HVAC, which only adds extra time to my jobs. For companies like mine, this can result in many hours a week where we are not on the job making money.

I’ve been dealing with the team at Tackaberry Heating & Refrigeration Supplies for over 18 years and in my experience, their customer service makes you feel like you are part of a family.

Steve Millen



- Strictly Sheet Metal

I have been dealing with Tackaberry Heating Supplies for some time now and they are second to none when it comes to service. Their staff is knowledgeable and efficient. Tackaberry is an important factor in the growth of my business. If your not using Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies, you should be.

Brent Switzer

- Switzer Sales & Service


In an industry like ours today there are many suppliers vying for our business. Some of them are very good to deal with and others are terrible.
I have found that Tackaberry Heating Supplies has been able to consistently deliver on what they have told me, they have knowledgeable counter guys and a sales staff that answers questions within their capability and when its not, they find those answers in a timely fashion.
Our delivery guy (Chris) is very reliable and courteous. The counter staff very rarely makes mistakes and unlike other suppliers our orders arrive in one piece with no damage.
Both Mike and Frances' commitment to helping us with training and consignment has been priceless.
Overall, Tackaberry Heating Supplies has been an important part of our ability to deliver our commitment to our customers.

Jacob Shiner



- Hearth at Home


I have been dealing with Tackaberry for 13 years and have always experienced exceptional service ,  always fast and accurate !  I can get in and out of Tackaberry three times , in the time it takes me to do business elsewhere once ! Great locations  and always well stocked . The people are fantastic and  very helpful .


Steve Roberts

- BJ Heating

Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies have provided Green HVAC Services with a temendous amount of assistance throughout my new business venture.

Whether it be from a website design, truck wrap as well as technical information regarding products their entire staff are always willing to help!

From a new company trying to get up and running some of my achievements would not have been possible without your assistance. Thank You!!

Paul Green

- Green HVAC Services

My family has been involved in the hvac business for a long time. My father, uncle and grandfather all ran their own HVAC companies and all of them used Tackaberry as their main supplier. You've got to figure that there has to be good reason for this... Simply put, great equipment and great support for that equipment. Tackaberry makes it easier for the small family owned and operated companies like ours, compete with the big guys especially with their financing and warranty programs. Tackaberry's people are the difference, they're always easy to deal with and happy to help. We sure appreciate all they do to help make our company successful!

Tyler Cliffe  

- WC Gasworks

As a branch manager for a commercial only HVACR company in Kingston and area, the service level I receive from Tackaberry allows me to be competitive and efficient in this demanding trade! A special thanks to Jim Baird and Richard Cadue who answer all my questions quickly and accurately, in addition to always getting me the pricing and specifications I require. Look forward to many more great years working together!


Thanks guys!


Patrick Raney

- Hamilton Smith Limited

"In Tackaberry, we see a great example of the future in HVAC parts & supplies. With an incredible team, early adoption of new technologies, and the continuous pursuit of exceptional customer service and partner relations, the possibilities seem limitless. We have been working with the team at Tackaberry for several years now and every aspect of the entire organization truly cultivates great partner relations, allowing us to leverage each other's strengths in technology, innovation and marketing to jointly offer our mutual customers quality and superior customer care."

- Shawn Gervais, Creative Designs Digital Agency

Shawn Gervais
- Creative Designs

Enerzone Inc. is privileged to have Tackaberry Heating represent Enerzone's line of products in Eastern Ontario.

Always a pleasure to deal with, we are impressed with their professionalism and the obvious excellent customer service they give their clients."

Kelly Wludyka


- Enerzone Inc.

I have been dealing with Tackaberry for over ten years. They have been by my side working with me to bring me leading edge products with outstanding support. We continue to work with them to develop the best way to market our company. Thanks again and looking forward to the bright future ahead.

Kevin McCann



- McCann Mechanical

Tackaberry has been our first choice in suppliers for all our hearth business needs. 

They have worked with us since we opened to educate our staff, provide very flexible inventory options and timely deliveries. I have and will continue to highly recommend Tackaberry to any fellow contractors/retailers who could benefit from their incredible product lines and customer service.



Brendan Rasmussen

- The Muskoka Stone & Hearth Co.

As I enter my fifth year of business , I am just as excited and eager as ever . My clients have been great and my wholesale support with Tackaberry has helped make this journey a fantastic experience . My primary supplier and my go to for technical , warranty , custom shop and design services - Tackaberry supports me and my business on all levels ! Even helping my business growth with business and marketing training and support . Tackaberry is my partner in all of this sun up to sun down !  Thank you Tackaberry staff for helping to make the difference and for your continued support .

Dave Tozer


- Tozer Heating & Air Conditioning

"Superstar Business Development and Marketing team!  Not only does Tackaberry do phenomenal work with their HVAC equipment supply, they also support our business with web design, promotional materials, and customer financing.    Their years of industry know-how and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done make Tackaberry a valuable business partner."


Rene Lalonde

David R. Bangs Fuels LTD.

- David R. Bangs Fuels


            I can always count on Tackaberry having what I want when I need it. The majority of my business is new home construction, and Tackaberry is definitely geared up to help me with my time sensitive schedule. They have great products that I can rely on and support that’s next to none. It has been a pleasure working with them for the last few years and I look forward to working with the Tackaberry team for many years to come.



Matt Cooper


It Matters HVAC

- It Matters HVAC

" Tackaberry to me is Service"
I have been a Customer for almost 20 years!  Tackaberry continues to impress me. The ability to access after hours emergency parts makes them a perfect choice for me. It doesn't stop there!  They are always thinking of ways to make me a better Contractor. I appreciate the Partner I have in Tackaberry!  Keep up the good work Guys. "

Mike Paquette

- Mike Paquette Mechanical

Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration has been a very important part of the foundation and growth of our organization at Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning. When we started 9 years ago, Mike Spies was the first one to the plate. Whatever I needed, Mike has always been there to assist; if the issue was credit, terms or pricing, he always went that extra mile. At first many other corporate supply chains would not work with me as my business grew but Tackaberry has always believed in us. We aren’t just an account to them; we are treated as a friend.

I cannot say enough about the support and commitment Mike and his staff give me on a daily basis. If it weren’t for Tackaberry I would not have the level of success I do today.

I would highly recommend their products and services for any HVAC company.

Congratulations Tackaberry, keep up the good work!



Mike Barry

- Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning

I have always been pleased at the service Tackaberry and it's staff have provided me . They have always rose to the occasion to assist me and my company in times of technical or client difficulty . Service from Tackaberry is always quick  and accurate , delivery service has always been on time - even with my early morning requests to remote locations . The TTC builds upon the great staff knowledge and experience , and helps to increase my abilities and product awareness . I recognize that cheaper may be had elsewhere , but the complete package Tackaberry offers makes doing business here a wonderful and rewarding experience everytime .


Thanks so much for your support of my business !


Serdar Turkeli 

- Serdar Turkeli Heating & Air Conditioning

Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superior.  Everyone from management right to your delivery staff has provided us with a level of service that is above and beyond the norm of what we typically encounter.  We feel that Tackaberry’s is a key factor in our business’ growth and efficiency. 

The pricing is attractive, but the entire package that you provide is what has impressed us the most.  We appreciate the personal attention to detail that your staff provides, which is something that is lacking with many of your competitors. 

We look forward to a continued and long relationship.

Anne, Dan and Randy

- Upper Canada HVAC

We have been dealing with Tackaberry's for 25 years. They have excellent customer service; always able to answer a question quickly. Reliable Staff and a great new/old Truck Driver!


Andre Jean Louis

- Andre's Furnace


We are very fortunate to have Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies as a distributor of Keeprite and Arcoaire residential and commercial heating and cooling products. The support programs offered by Tackaberry to their dealer base in the areas of marketing/ operations/ technical support and training is second to none. Their dealer support plus their exceptional focus on inventory and service levels makes Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies a premier one stop source for the HVAC dealer in Eastern Ontario.


Scott Waters

RBM, ICP Canada

- Scott Waters- ICP Canada RBM

We, at Steve & Sons take service to our customers very seriously.

Tackaberry Heating and refrigeration has been a long time reliable supplier of goods required to meet our own high level service standards.


They not only offer training services, and stand behind their products, they also offer guaranteed job recommendations.


Through their excellent customer care, it is evident that they stand for more than just a supplier of goods....they do "care".


Steve Noccey, Owner

Steve & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Water Services Inc.

- Steve & Sons Plumbing, Heating & Water Services

Just over a year ago, we decided to start up our own Heating business.  With no experience in owning our own business, we didn't know where to start.  After meeting with the Tackaberry team, we felt confident to register our new business with them. Our experience since then, has been nothing but the best.  Their professionalism and desire to help a brand new company start from scratch is what drove us to Tackaberry's. Their service is number one in the industry but beyond this, they have created so many wonderful items for our business, from the logo, to the website, to clothing wear, lettering on our work vehicles, to business cards etc.  You name it, they have really helped us every step of the way.  We're a year in now and really happy with our success up to this point. We simply wouldn't be where we are now and as far as we have come without Tackaberry's support and dedication to our company. 

-Ryan & Crystal Gagne, A1 Heating Inc.

- A1 Heating

Tackaberry continues to be our number one provider for all of our HVACR needs.  Cheaper prices may be available at other supply houses but no one can offer the complete package like Tack’s.  From the 8 pm order desk, Web order entry and 1st rate job site delivery they have it covered.  We even had a instance where Mike came in at 10:00 in the evening to remove a repair part from a new furnace to get us out of a jam.  They are a truly valued business partner.


Steve and Andy

- Jake's Heating and Cooling

Since we started dealing with Tackaberry heating and Refrigeration we have had nothing but good and positive dealings with them. We are currently in our 3rd year with them and cannot ask for better service. Their whole team and operations makes dealing with them a breeze. Their website which offers online ordering helps us save time in our daily routines.

We have been extremely happy with this partnership as all their team go out of their way to help with whatever is needed. Big thanks to Mike, Marty and Ed who continue to make us improve as a company and help our clients the best way possible.

They always have inventory and we never have any problems getting equipment, and if ever there is a small issue, they go out of their way to make sure they are satisfying everyone.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Ultramar Team,

Carlo Saggese,

Installations Coordinator,   

- UltramarCST


My crew and I are very pleased with the quick service and attention to detail at Tackaberry ! From product specification , product help , design services , custom sheet metal department and general day to day activities - we are very happy with Tackaberry and all of it's staff . Any questions we pose are quickly answered , rush sheet metal requirements are quickly prepared , no hassle on warranties,  and great site delivery service .


An all round great place to do business and grow relationships . Happy to have Tackaberry involved in my company growth and  for me to help Tackaberry grow .


Larry Miller and Crew


- Miller Eastern AIr

We have been a customer of Tackaberry’s for over 20 years

and are always pleased with their level of service and


Brian Walker

Walker ClimateCare

- Walker Climate Care

"Tackaberry is the only supplier that has demonstrated commitment to my company by providing on site accredited technical training as well as extensive support for our office staff.  They have worked hard to develop a meaningful business relationship with us and through regular communication and follow-up by a competent, dedicated staff, ensure that we have everything our company needs to be an employer, as a profitable company, and as a good partner in the community."

Ken Layton

- Kenetic Energy Systems

At Watson Mechanical Ltd. we know we can count on the Tackaberry truck to roll into our yard on time and with the right materials every day. Their commitment to their customers goes above and beyond any supplier we've worked with. From everything to helping us with our website to implementing policies, it is obvious they understand how a family run business works, because they are one themselves. Their integrity and professionalism put them at the top of our supplier list!


Jodie Watson

- Watson Mechanical Ltd.

Good day Tack. Just wanted to thank you guys on the help and great work you've done for me. Started off a new business was hard but it's been 3 years + and I don't know if I'd be doing what I like if it wasn't for all the help and support you showed us. Keep up the good work



- MB Heating

The friendly staff at Tackaberry Cornwall are extremely helpful and knowledgable when it comes to HVAC products.  No matter what kind of question we have for them, they are always ready and willing to help us out.  The facility is always cleaned, organised and well stocked with inventory. Thank you!


Chad & Renee Warden

- C&R Heating and Cooling Ltd.

I'm really pleased with the service Tackaberry provides my company.  They go out of their way to ensure my customers are satisfied.  I am extremely impressed with their training center in Kingston, and the friendly atmosphere.  All in all they are the best supplier in this area by far!

Mark Lalonde

- Lalonde Mechanical

I have been doing business with Tackaberry for almost 10yrs now. They are people who keep their word. They do what they say they will do. Their employees are dedicated to serving the customer. The Training Centre has certainly help to sharpen my technical skills and also with general product knowledge of new products. I've had a few technical glitches with equipment , but Tackaberry was always there to help solve the problems promptly. I've tried other wholesalers , but none come close with overall service , value and support.


Shawn Gardiner

- Northern Heating & Cooling

Tackaberry, a Canadian company servicing all needs of the local hvac/r industry.  Ever conscious of change within the industry, management and staff take a leading edge approach to new concepts and product entering the market.  From the advancements available in new equipment to innovation in servicing existing systems, Tackaberry stays well ahead of the curve.           


Shane Williams


- BJ Williams- Ritchie

Although I am a new business owner, I have had the pleasure of doing business with Tackaberry for approximately 20 years now.  From providing quality products to technical support, they continue to exceed my expectations on every level. 

 One of the key factors to achieving success in business is having the right people behind you, people that are reliable, courteous, efficient and whom you can depend on to help you provide the best quality service possible to your customers. 

 Tackaberry continues to be my number 1 supplier.  They are a great team with exceptional knowledgeable staff who play an important role in allowing me to deliver top service to my customers.

 Keep up the great work.  It is a pleasure to be part of your team and I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come. 

 Thank you Tackaberry for all your continued support!

 Jorge Marques, President

J. Marques HVAC Services Ltd.

- Jorge Marques HVAC Services LTD.

My company has been doing business with Tackaberry for three generations now. They have always supplied me with great service and product. I can always count on Tackaberry to be there when I need them. I have been to the Tack Training Centre and have plans of returning soon.

What a great addition to the overall offering Tackaberry provides.


Thanks Tacks!!


Mike Thompson


Mike Thompson Enterprises.

- Mike Thompson Enterprises

“G.T. Air Systems, and our Home Comfort division, have been proud to deal with Tackaberry’s for over 12 years….they have consistently provided great service to us and reliable equipment for our customers.  In addition, we have found their staff knowledgeable on their products and absolutely great to deal with…. From all of us at G.T. AIR !!!

- G.T. Air Systems

I’ve been in the HVAC trade for the past fifteen years, self-employed for the last four and have been  using Tackaberry  Heating and Refrigeration Supplies since day one.  Their friendly and knowledgeable staff make it easy to purchase products.  What I really like is the Online store!  As I’m an early riser, and in to the office before most, I can place my order for my jobs that week with confidence and know that the material will be delivered to my office that day.  I also like the fact that you are treated as a valued customer, one of the family almost.   Most of the employees that work there have been there a long time, so you know the company “ Practices what they preach”. 


Eric McDonell

- Tartan Home Comfort

When you are thinking of a supplier that helps you in every way possible only one name comes to mind...TACKABERRY HEATING & REFRIGERATION SUPPLIES.

The staff there is so accommodating it is amazing.  They have been providing us with excellent service for several years, even after hours!  The staff are always fast, friendly and respectful and you know they appreciate our business. 

In this industry there are always challenges and “curve balls” and they just roll with the flow.  They have increased our efficiency and helped us streamline our inventory. 

Being a family business also helps them be involved in the communities. 

You couldn’t ask for a better business to deal with!!


Kevin Dentremont

General Manager

- 21 Degrees/One Hour

 “Tackaberry's service and support never ceases to amaze me. Their on time job site delivery takes a huge burden off me each day.  The management and staff are consistently offering me new ideas that make my business operate more effectively. The new Tackaberry training center has helped improve my staffs knowledge and effectiveness in the field.”


Paul Rutter

- Rutter Brothers

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my appreciation for the loyal and

professional service Tackaberry has offered to your customers with regard to selling

and servicing SRP’s infrared heating equipment.

For over 18 years Tackaberry has successfully represented SRP in an educated and

professional manor and we are proud to have you as one of our distributors.

I would recommend Tackaberry Heating & Refrigeration to contractors, engineers

and specifying firms and would be pleased to give references on your behalf. I can be

reached at 905‐662‐8274 ext 24 or


Gary Dummer

National Sales Manager

- SRP- Suprerior Radiant Products

I have been dealing with Tackaberry since the mid-80s specifically with Mike Spies. I have seen them grow, expand and improve over the years always in the right direction and with a positive attitude. Never have I seen a wholesaler that provides service to their contractors like this.

With so many long term employees (15 years plus) they are aware of all your needs and service is the number one priority. Their training centre and programs benefit everyone. If there was a best wholesaler award Tackaberry's name would be on it. Like Mac Tackaberry, Mike Spies and his staff go above and beyond for their customers.


Sincerely yours

Jim Stoddard

- Jim Stoddard Natural Gas Services

Tackaberry is a pleasure to continue to work with. The customer service given is always great!

They take the time to answer any of our concerns or questions. They offer continuous training on their products and always offer a fair deal.

Any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently and we look forward to continuing our business with them.


All Seasons Heating & Cooling

Erik Gravelle

- All Seasons Heating & Cooling


            Its been a pleasure working with Tackaberry the last 10 years!! They have a great team that always goes that extra mile to make my day easier. Thanks for all the help. Looking forward to many more years of a great relationship.





Mark Loveless


Metal Drives Us

- Metal Drives Us

“Bradford White is proud to be a long term supplier to Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies. In past years their activity in Oil Fired Water Heaters has led to significant growth in other areas including Natural Gas, Electric and Propane water heaters in both the residential and commercial segments of our business.”



Dan Milroy
Canadian Sales Manager
Bradford White Canada


- Bradford White Canada

     As a manufacturer of Z Vent, Z Flex and HVAC  products we are pleased and consider ourselves fortunate to be a vendor partner with Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration. They are consistently professional as well as being dedicated to service. Mike Spies' group of knowledgeable managers and sales people are second to none in the market place. I don’t want to forget anyone we have had a fantastic relationship with everyone up and down the line. Tackaberry is consistently innovating and changing the market land scape, one just has to look at the Kingston Training Facility as an example. Flexmaster has had a 20 year plus relationship with Tackaberry and is looking forward to many more.  



Wayne Holbrook                                                                                                                         

Eastern Ontario Branch Manager                                                                                                          


- Wayne Holbrook- The NovaFlex Group


Duro Dyne Canada has a long-lasting partnership with Tackaberry Heating and Refrigeration Supplies in Eastern Ontario. Their professionalism and outstanding representation of our products has been an asset for us throughout the many years we have been working together. We value their contribution to our success and the significance of our ongoing business relationship. Without hesitation I would recommend them as a Distributor and a great resource for HVAC products in Eastern Ontario.


Franz Korzer

Duro Dyne Canada Inc.

- Duro Dyne Canada

Please accept this letter as my sincere thanks for the quality of service your
company provides. I appreciate your responsiveness and the way you have
conducted all your business dealings with me and my Company.

Chris Nash Building lnc. strives to provide all our customers with prompt and professional service and with the service we receive from Tackaberry Heating we are able to meet this commitment to our clients.
I have recommended your Company to others because of my satisfaction with your service.

Thank you and everyone involved in providing this excellent service. I look
forward to doing business with you for many years to come.


Chris Nash, President
Chris Nash Building lnc.

- Chris Nash Building Inc.

Since joining the Tackaberry team, we've received the highest level of service thought possible. Who'd have thought they could professionally help us market our small business!

The guys in Cornwall go well out of their way daily to ensure we always have what we need, with a well stocked warehouse, there's no reason to shop anywhere else.


Paul Cornelisse

- Cornelisse & Sons HVAC Ltd.

Thanks Tackaberry!


Just a short letter to express our thanks to your whole team of experts in every field for all of your help through the last 15 years of our partnership together. From Dianne in accounting to Mark & Mark at the Brockville desk, Rory at the ready and Mike a phone call away, you have never let us down.


We owe our success to developing friendships like these and look forward to a continued beneficial relationship,

Many Thanks,

Al Stuart

- Stuart Heating and Cooling

“The staff at Tackaberry is friendly, knowledgeable and fun to work with. They have a great product offering at competitive prices and the service is impeccable. I can always count on Tackaberry to be there when I need them.”

Shawn McKeown

- Shawn McKeown & Sons

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