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Radiant Floor Heating & Hydronics


Our Hydronic Department was established in 1999, under the guidance and direction of Tracy Vignola and Colin Spellman. As of January 5th, 2015 we are please to welcome back Kelly Cameron as our new Eastern Ontario Hydronic Sales Manger and a key partner in our new Hydronic Medics program. We do FREE On-site, House Calls with your Technicians and Installers to both troubleshoot issues in the field and to help get projects underway! We continue to provide Auto-Cad Layout and Design as well as, ongoing Training, Consultation and Support for all of your Wet-Heat applications.  

We've had the opportunity to work on hundreds of exciting and interesting wet heat projects. We've worked closely with both our customer and supplier base to find solutions to some very complex, and sometimes challenging applications.

We've been involved in everything from small, retro-fit applications, to some very large and exciting, once in a lifetime projects. The knowledge and experience we've gained through these opportunities has helped guide and shape our Hydronic Department to where we are now, with our Hydronic Medics program and full support philosophy. We're very proud of our product offering, our staff and our customers.

Together, we feel we offer a complete and comprehensive wet heat program. Please call on the Hydronic Medics Team, Dr.Tracy, Dr.Colin and/or Dr.Kelly for the support and service you need on your next wet heat project.


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